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"Confluence" - A design symposium, November 23th 2012 - Copenhagen

Please be invited to the research symposium Confluence - Establishing data flow from Design to Site taking place Friday 23. November 2012 from 11.00 – 17.00 in Copenhagen. The symposium is free of admission and held in English language as part of a series of symposia organized by the Institute 4 and the Centre for IT and Architecture (CITA) of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Venue: KADK- Auditorium 6, Danneskiold-Sams�es All� 53, 1434 Copenhagen

The starting point of the Symposium Confluence - Establishing data flow from Design to Site is the promise that Building Information Modelling came with: the creation of a fluent building process starting in design and reaching out all along to architectural production and use. Looking at research driven developments in both academia and practice the seminar investigates the contemporary state, challenges and future potential that might emerge from an unlimited flow of information. Here it is research that emphasises the role of fabrication and material while practice develops seemingly approaches that engage directly with contractors and building site.

The research seminar confluence highlights the emerging tools and processes and discusses directions for further development. 

National and international guest lecturers will highlight successful strategies, pitfalls and future challenges through research induced projects that bridge BIM based planning with the digital fabrication in building construction. The seminar cross-examines projects in the full range of scales and aims to establish a platform to share experiences and move the contemporary boundaries of the use of BIM.

More information and schedule on the Confluence symposium webpage

Research Potentials

Bob Sheil (The Bartlett School of Architecture UCl / London)

 Tobias Schwinn (Insitute for Computational Design (ICD) / Stuttgart)


Alois Salzburger (ATP architects and engineers / Vienna)

Birthe B�ck (Henning Larsen Architects / Copenhagen)

Thorsten Wang (3XN / Copenhagen)

Ulrich Pohl (3XN / Copenhagen)


Tobias Nolte (Gehry Technologies / Paris)

Thomas Graab�ck (graabaek.com / Copenhagen)

Frederik Agdrup (Eentileen / Copenhagen)

The Institute 4 - BIM Symposium Series The Institute 4 and the Centre for IT and Architecture (CITA) of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation hold a series of seminars that investigate the state, challenges and potentials of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Architecture from perspective of research, teaching and practice. The symposia are open to the public and free of admission. The first symposium “ARK|BIM - Kick off for network architectural BIM” takes place in Danish language on Wednesday 14. November 2012 – 13h at KADK. more info here


Please contact Martin Tamke (CITA) mailto:martin.tamke@kadk.dkor Morten Myrup Jensen (Institute 4) mortenmyrup.jensen@karch.dk

We are looking forward to meet you at the symposium!


Martin Tamke and Morten Myrup Jenssen

Martin Tamke, Dipl. Ing. MAA

Associate Professor

CITA | Centre for Information Technology and Architecture

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation | KADK

Philip de Langes All� 10

1435 Copenhagen K


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